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The construction industry is constantly looking for new ways to manage storm water in urban areas and both prevent floods and the burdening of central sewage systems during storm water run-off.

Purple-Roof® is a non-proprietary concept that is already available through many green roof providers across North America. The Purple-Roof® concept provides an instantly vegetated roof that employs vegetation as a tool to protect the soil and resist runoff.

Purple-Roof® can successfully retain the most storm water and minimize and/or eliminate fine particle and fertilizer runoff. Roof elements consist of 100% natural materials, and Purple-Roof® employs conventional drainage plates to breathe. The goal of the Purple-Roof® concept is to mimic nature and create a living, self-supporting root zone.

Three key layers serve as the base for the concept:

Pre-grown Sedum Mat/Blankets that are field grown and are a minimum of 12 months old, and consist of a wide variety of mature clump plant species that provide instant vegetation, protect the soil and minimize lateral water flow (sheet flow).

Specific non-proprietary soil recipe, which is preferred by both the plants and the soil biology. Finer particles combined with strong soil biology retain more water and reduce fine particle run-off. We consider this solution the most sustainable and responsible growth medium for thin-profile green roofs.

Specially designed Urbanscape® needled binder-free mineral wool, Urbanscape® HydroBlanket, engineered to absorb water instantly and easily give this same water back to the plants.   

For more detailed information on the technology and an inside view of the storm water lab test visit our Purple-Roof® Enhanced by Urbanscape® website.

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