Green Designs on the Move™

Municipalities are constantly looking for ways to make cities friendlier and more comfortable for its residents. Providing different types of leisure facilities so people can spend their free time actively is one part of the equation, but increasingly more residents are actively looking for ways to interact with nature during their spare time.

The Green Urban Infrastructure industry is trying its best to make this happen, and Urbanscape® Green Solutions are making an important contribution by presenting the “Green on the Move” concept – a concept that looks into the possibilities of moving infrastructure and makes it green by introducing vegetation into the equation.

In order to better understand what this is and means, we can split the “Green on the Move” concept into two parts: Green vehicles and Green roads and tracks.

Green Vehicles, Boats and Trains

1. Green vehicles

We are happy to be working with entrepreneur Marc Granen and his patented phytokinetic concept. By using Urbanscape® lightweight growing media and Marc’s creative design expertise, it’s easy to create and fit out vegetated vehicles (

2. Living boats

Furthermore, we have a good record of greening houseboats, where our green roofs have been proven to improve comfort for full-time boat residents. A green roof mounted on a boat shields the boat from direct heat radiation and from heat emitted by the sun. All this leads to lower temperatures for such residents. (

3. Vivid caravans and campers

A similar concept is also being implemented on campers and caravans. These vehicles may be on the move, but the major effect of a green roof actually comes into play once they are stationary and used as a living space.

If you would like to learn more on how to vegetate your vehicle, simply complete a project form and our designers will get back to you as soon as possible.

Green roads and tracks

It’s so easy to green rail and tramway tracks.

As part of the Urbanscape® Green Solution we provide designs that are customized to specific projects and specific climate zones. Whether it’s a rail- or tram track or in the longer run a large highway project, we have designs that will help reduce labour costs at the installation stage and reduce maintenance costs throughout the entire lifetime of the project.

By using the innovative Urbanscape® Needled Mineral Wool Growing media and taking advantage of the low maintenance required by specially selected Sedum species you won’t see any more highways backed up due to regular lawn mowing.

To learn more, contact us at or simply download some of our conceptual CAD designs.