Maryland (USA) EMOC Building

EMOC Building with 2000 m² of Urbanscape Green Roof system. It has been installed in June 2013 after modest spring but with extreme summer temperatures typical for Washington DC and Maryland area.

Odijk (NL) Open terrace

Open terrace in an office buiding with 150 m² of Urbanscape Green Roof system. It was installed in July 2013 and it creates a good working environment for the office workers and business partners.

Grubbenvorst (NL) Open Terrace

Open terrace in the office building with a 2cm Urbanscape Green Roof system that has been installed in September 2013. It creates a nice living and relaxing environment for office workers.

Warehouse in Odijk (NL)

Several Urbanscape Green Roof Systems instaled on pitched roof in Odijk (Netherlands) to monitor and compare their performance.

Parking Kunming in Shijiazhuang (China)

Urbanscape lightweight system was selected to be put on glass roof to resolve extreem overheating during summer. Weight of Green roof is less than 20 kg/sqm dry and 45 kg/sqm when fully saturated.