Awans (BE) Parking Garage

Parking garage next to a residential building with 66 m² of Urbanscape Modular Green Roof system and 2 cm Urbanscape growing media. It has been installed in September 2013.

Engis, (BE): R&D facility

Roof covering the R&D area in this factory had dark waterproofing which was collecting a lot of heat in the summer. With Urbanscape Premium System energy transfer has been reduced for more than 40%.

Ljubljana (SLO) Eco Silver House

The first high tech passive residential house is built in Ljubljana. With four floors underground and 13 floors above ground with residential units, it is achieving new standards of energy efficiency.

Škofja Loka (SLO) Public library Ivana Tavčarja Green Terrace

This Green Terrace has been made in March 2015 with the Urbanscape drainage layer without buffer, Urbanscape Green Roll substrate 4 cm, Urbanscape Sedum-mix + Urbanscape Green Modular System.

Ljubljana (SLO) First Urbanscape Modular Vegetated Wall

A nice vegetated wall, made of modules with different type of vegetation appeared in the Family center in downtown of Ljubljana. Urbanscape products are used as a growing medium for plants.