Škofja Loka (SLO) Warehouse

Open warehouse with air flow above and below the green roof which speeds up drying cycles. The solutions is a Urbanspace Green Roof System for big application with 4cm Urbanscape growing media.

Ljubljana (SLO): Two Info Points outside Ljubljana City Hall

Two Info Points, on top of which Urbanscape Green Roof System is used and where a varied programme takes place every day, are placed outside Ljubljana City Hall.

Berlin (GER): more than 10 high class residential buildings

More than 10 high class residential buildings in Berlin were greened with Urbanscape. Installers were happy to experience faster installation compared to installing heavy soil based green roofs.

Awans (BE) Parking Garage

Parking garage next to a residential building with 66 m² of Urbanscape Modular Green Roof system and 2 cm Urbanscape growing media. It has been installed in September 2013.

Engis, (BE): R&D facility

Roof covering the R&D area in this factory had dark waterproofing which was collecting a lot of heat in the summer. With Urbanscape Premium System energy transfer has been reduced for more than 40%.