BIM object for Urbanscape Green Roof

New: Building Information Modelling (BIM) for extensive Urbanscape Green Roof System

To assist and support the work of architects, engineers and other users Urbanscape Green Solutions Team has developed a detailed BIM object of Urbanscape extensive green roof systems,

Urbanscape Green Roof System put to new European Green Capital 2016 Info Point in Ljubljana (SI)

Two Info Points, on top of which Urbanscape Green Roof System is used and where a varied programme takes place every day, are located outside Ljubljana City Hall.

Urbanscape Green Roof resisting high winds (well above 100 km/h) in Ajdovščina, Slovenia

There is a general fear that green roofs will be blown away if not heavy enough. Urbanscape proves this is not the case.

Urbanscape Green Roof Project on the Front Page of new Knauf Insulation Sustainability Report 2015

New sustainability report showcases Knauf Insulation’s latest innovations.

Urbanscape Green Solutions, together with Knauf, at Building Green in Denmark

Launch of Urbanscape Green Roof Systems at Denmark’s largest trade fair for sustainable and energy efficient buildings.